Looking for OBeP & Payouts processing

IME Group is always open for new business opportunities and particularly, for the ways to expand our «payment portfolio».

We have excellent banking/payment processing relationships and are happy with Bank(s) and Payment Processor(s) allowing us to accept VISA/MC/CUP cards, but we are also looking for reliable partners, offering alternative payment solutions:

  • OBeP solutions; direct deposits/withdrawals;
  • Payouts to VISA/MC;
  • Local payment/payout methods worldwide;

If you are able to offer us anything of the listed above or can suggest any other payment/withdrawal methods for our clients, please contact our Business Development team and we would get back to you ASAP.

Besides the fact our business is usually considered «high risk», our flawless AML and Fraud Prevention programs have proven its’ efficiency. Doing business with InterMoney Exchange, you’ll get reliable partner with growing turnover and unlimited potential (download our presentation for Banks and PSPs).

Looking forward to starting our mutually beneficial cooperation nearest time.