247exchange 2.0: sneak peek at user interface

The new platform, 247exchange 2.0 is still in development. We’ll post an update with further plans this September, meanwhile we are proud to present you an overview of amazing features we are currently working on.

Buying bitcoin (as well as exchanging any currency) at 247 is easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Create an order: our new interface allows the user to submit an order in one click. The form completes automatically basing on client’s previous activity and data like IP address, our stats, etc. A currency the client likely prefers, most popular payment system, and even exchange amount is filled automatically. Every detail is explained, various hints and explanations are available for the ones interested in most fast and affordable ways to buy and sell digital currencies. No registration/accounts required to exchange digital currencies (for example BTC to ETH, LTC/PPC, etc.), although registered clients enjoy very convenient features:

    For the customer’s convenience, all the previously used BTC/ETH/etc. addresses, bank accounts, etc. (once entered at 247exchange) are available to select during the ordering process. The whole process requires no more than few clicks for our regular clients!


  3. Make a payment: a couple of extra clicks and the user completes “his part” of the process! We are working on automatization of the payment process (one click card payments using tokenization etc.) and making it as easy and straightforward as possible (all details explained well; hints/tips etc.), whatever payment system client prefers. Our aim is to minimize the user participation, although customers’ funds’ safety is our absolute priority.

  5. Get your money: once the client hits the “pay” button, everything is handled by our platform; as soon as payment system confirms the transfer, 247exchange initiates payout to the customer, and in most cases, money is available in just a few seconds. We send the client confirmation with the proof of transfer and hope that he/she will come back soon!

That’s all! It requires less than ten clicks for the user to purchase/sell Bitcoin, Ether, etc. Everyone can take advantages of Digital Currencies if he/she has the internet connection!

Please see the video overview of the UI (ordering process) to watch everything in action.

Although some orders require customer identification (according to our KYC and FPP policies), this is an easy, straightforward and high-speed process; our 24/7 support is always willing to help if client encounters any problems. Verification with 247 is same easy as everything else; all the procedures are explained very well:


As already mentioned, exchanges between digital currencies require even less from the user; the form itself transforms to more compact one if both currencies selected are digital:

«Anonymous orders» (exchange from digital currency to digital currency solely; the maximal amount is limited according to our AML program) are available. An exchange between various cryptocurrencies (tokens/assets/etc.) has never been so simple, straightforward and rapid!

We never store the clients’ funds, immediately delivering the “coins” to the wallet of choice. Exchanging with us is completely risk-free!

“SmartTrader” (our trading software, acting as liquidity bridge) uses different algorithms to provide our customers with the best rates. Exchange with 247 is not just easy, fast and safe; it’s also beneficial!

Registered users enjoy all the features: affiliate program, saved accounts management, etc.:

Our approach to the business is incredibly simple: to make the process as easy, as buying at any e-store; transparency is another priority. 247exchange v2.0 is a huge step forward in this direction, and we can’t wait to start the service ASAP!

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