247exchange v2.0 to be started in 2017, crowdfunding campaign coming soon!

Dear clients! We apologize for inconvenience caused by our banking problems and hope to serve you again soon. Our plans are the following:

  1. We continue working on «247exchange 2.0», ideal digital currencies exchange. Please check our blog post covering some of the features and tell us what you think!

  2. Since a lot of you are based in Europe and the European banking options for non-EU entity are currently very limited, we decided to relocate our headquarters to the Europe.

    This is a very important step forward allowing us to provide you the most requested payment/withdrawal options very soon. The fees will be lowered and mostly important, we’ll never face banking problems forcing us to “pause” the service.

  3. Nearest time you’ll be offered an opportunity to own a part of 247exchange and our future enterprises. We’ll need additional funding for above-mentioned purposes; being probably the most customer-centric company on market, we decided to reach existing and potential users instead of venture capitalists.

It’s a pity that unforeseen circumstances forced us to temporary stop the service, but it creates a wonderful opportunity for you to share our future success! We’ll post an update with the details very soon, follow us and get ready to become co-owner of InterMoney Exchange in 2017!

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